In reality, as Romanowski (2006) argued, homeschoolers have the opportunity to be as social as the students in public schools due to the activities and community involvements that are available. When we arrived, B2 and B3 had already finished breakfast, B2 was asking his mother a couple of questions before going to his room to begin his study, B3 was sitting in the patio reading his book, and B1 was finishing breakfast. Home education is usually conducted by a parent or tutor or online teacher. Broadening Our Conception of General Education: The Self-Regulated Learner. All 3 homeschoolers had casual clothes on similar to the students at public schools without uniforms. Family #2 said that they chose an online public school system that offers classes for homeschool students. The small sample size might limit the generalizability of the study as in most case study research though the main purpose of the study was to uncover these parents’ reasons for homeschooling and their perspectives and perceptions on advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling from this specific group. The child now has plenty of time to attend religious lessons online and practice the learning with the family. According to a Canadian college department head, who moved to Abu Dhabi eight years ago, having her eldest son homeschooled in his early … The mother had almost 10 years of experience in homeschooling. As expected, all the developers claimed that their program was the best. Homeschooling is highly distinguished by the ability to give exact and individual attention, which allows teachers full focus on the student, while being able to grasp the errors and be able to give the student the appropriate methods in order to attain steady development. Collom (2005) explains that motivation for homeschooling may vary from one family to another and even within one family from one child to the next (as cited in Murphy, 2012). We all have heard or known of families who homeschool their children. Between the 1830’s and 1980’s, 150,000 Aboriginal children were removed from their homes and forced to attend government-funded religious schools. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly . Sometimes he even warns his parents and other siblings if they eat an unhealthy snack, demonstrating how he has internalized healthy dieting habits and concepts. These stereotypes are touted freely by the popular media and conventional schooling experts alike. In order to minimize the observer effect, we decided not be a participant observer in the teaching or any other aspect of their homeschool day. Please Sign Up to get full document. We discussed the study’s limitations and practical implications. In the monitoring phase, the expert learner monitors and checks on the progress made, how closely the phase one plans are being followed, if he/she is staying focused on the learning goal, and if he/she is staying on the schedule and not falling behind. They believe what they gained in return is worth the simpler lifestyle they have. Parents’ Perspectives on Homeschooling: A Case Study in Southern U.S. © Copyright - National Home Education Research Institute -- Site Design by. Homeschooling or home schooling, also known as home education or elective home education (EHE), is the education of school-aged children at home or a variety of places other than school. Therefore, it was difficult to unveil the reality about the programs. In terms of perceived disadvantages of homeschooling, missing on some school events such as science fairs or proms could be an issue for some families. 503-364-1490 Students who find writing to be a difficult task. Homeschoolers have the opportunity to take AP classes and dual enrollment courses in high school (Gaither, 2009). Then she was in the kitchen and from there talked to him, urged him to stay focused, and guided him whenever he had a question. The Condition of Education 2009 (NCES 2009-081). The results of the data analysis show that the parents who participated in the study chose to homeschool their children for different reasons. As a result of a political movement of “countercultural critique of the public education system,” homeschooling became more known and defined to American families in the early 70s (Gaither, 2009). Fundamentally, these schools were established as a method of cultural genocide... Education is an application of the schooling process to obtain knowledge, skills, values, morals and beliefs. However, they said it depends on how important these events are to the children. To investigate why parents in the border city in a southern state of the U.S. chose homeschooling, their perceived advantages and disadvantages, and whether their practice of homeschooling met certain conceptual SRL framework, we asked the following questions: The sampling plan for this study was the criterion sampling. Home Schooling Goes Mainstream. In addition, if we had more time and resources available, we might be able to possibly identify and invite more homeschooling families to participate in the study. We noticed that the mother would set up B3’s next lessons for him by bringing his books and logging in to the computer. So, technically how you learn depends on the process that is schooling. The analysis of data resulted in the following four main categories: Reasons for homeschooling, choosing homeschooling programs, advantages of homeschooling, and disadvantages of homeschooling. As soon as a child grows 2-3 years old, he/she is sent to school to start education and sometimes parents take homeschooling. Healthy eating habits: Both families emphasized that gaining healthy eating habits was a great advantage of homeschooling. Homeschooling is less work for both parents and children. Home; Subjects; Education; Preservice Teachers Perceptions of their Middle Schooling Teacher Preparation ; Nobody downloaded yet. Parents’ Perspectives on Homeschooling: A Case Study in Southern U.S.... Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Since the mother is also busy with classes and her own studies, she has hired a tutor who meets with the homeschooler to help out with any problems he may need assistance on. Do you agree or disagree? The study clearly demonstrated the importance of structured curricula to homeschooling. As a caveat, the participants in the study stated that lack of time management skills can be harmful to homeschoolers. After arrival and greetings, we sat in a couch or a chair where we could see the children and their interactions and work throughout the day. Essay on homeschooling. It was quieter and he was in his room logged in to his lessons and working quietly. Both families also have their children in sports and the practices add to being interactive with other children. The mother already had done some research about homeschooling and decided to give the extra attention to B1 at home to meet that need and to help overcome possible difficulties B1 had to face. It is great for children who love spending time at home and interested in learning and listening to their parents. Even though it provides alternative option to the standard educational method, this system is not complete and poses a lot of imperfections. Preservice Teachers Perceptions of their Middle Schooling Teacher Preparation - Research Proposal Example. Time for other activities: Both families said that because of homeschooling, their children have more time to do what they are interested in, such as running, reading, and gardening. At the house of Family #2, it was different because there was only one child being homeschooled. The use of technology, the access to Internet, and the opportunity to be involved in the community and to interact with others have decreased the concern of social isolation of homeschoolers. One of the homeschoolers mentioned that he feels he has gained a close bond with the family because of the homeschooling. The most common reasons in this study were to provide a better education for their children either academically or religiously, to attend to their special needs, to stay closer as a family and to help their children develop good characters. Here is my thesis: Homeschooling is made up of three essential components: the history, the cntroversy, and the … (1998). Census 2000. His mother told us that they usually let him sleep a bit later because he is in a growing age and needs extra sleep time, and therefore he usually starts the day around 9 or 9:30 A.M. Berry, S. (2013). The first author’s daughter stayed in touch with her friends made from her previous years in public schools. There are also virtual classes and student interaction. Murphy, Joseph. Family #2 had one child, middle school age, who was being homeschooled for the past two years. Family #1 participates in co-op classes. In addition, the results suggest homeschooling groups include more activities such as dance and talent shows so homeschoolers do not miss on similar activities that take place in regular schools. We made an appointment with each family to observe one day of their homeschooling. Education, 122(1), 145-150. By Joy James of Oklahoma City. One limitation for this study was the number of participants. The first author knew these families either personally or through a mutual friend. Different states have different laws regarding homeschooling, thus giving a wide range to the continuum of homeschooling. It is important to understand the homeschooling phenomenon in the United States as study showed that the number of families who choose homeschooling is rapidly increasing, especially in remote areas (Berry, 2013; Murphy, 2012). Homeschooling does not contribute to the formation of the firm character because there are no any life hurdles, no opportunities to show off and to fail. This essay is going to examine whether homeschooling should replace normal schooling for the betterment of students in Hong Kong. There were not many families that met the criteria set for the study. Family #2 said that they sometimes miss some school events, such as science fairs and honors assembly, but they expressed that it is not that significant to them. The warning she received from many non-homeschooling parents was the lack of socialization her daughter would face. New Directions in Community Colleges, 81, 31-39. To make this essay better, I fixed some grammar and introduced sources with addition explanations, authors’ names, and names of articles. The other mother is a college student herself and she has continued with her studies. 2020 © Because of the many advantages offered by homeschooling, there is simply no better way to educate a child. Religious beliefs:  Family #2 stated that giving a concrete religious study to their child was the main reason they started homeschooling. New York: Guilford Press. Romanowski, M. H. (2006). The main objective is to provide readers with a better on what perception is, why it is important to the study of Organization Behaviour (OB) and the effects and implications of it onto managers’ job. In the year 2003 and 2007, parents were interviewed if some particular reasons for homeschooling their children applied to them. 1031 Words 5 Pages. Book: Essay Database. Both families said if there is no time management skill, it will become easy for learners to fall behind assignments and procrastinate their accumulate work. B1 brought his books and his laptop and sat by the kitchen counter to quietly start his work. Retrieved January 11, 2014, from The Expert Learner: Strategic, Self-Regulated, and Reflective. It was obvious how much he enjoyed spending time in the garden and how proud he was of the trees and plants he had grown. They have learned to choose healthy food because of what has been prepared at home and available to them. What Smart Students Know. Providing better education: After a couple years of homeschooling, family #1 realized they could provide a better quality of education for their children, and thus decided to homeschool B2 and later on B3. McReynolds, K. (2007). The three primary reasons picked by parents of over 2/3 of students were concern about the school environment, and provision of religious or moral … Clearing House, 79(3), 125-129. Many Americans think that homeschooling numbers have gone down however; home schooling has actually been on the rise. Uncommon Perspective. NHERI executes, evaluates, and disseminates studies and information (e.g., statistics, facts, data) on homeschooling (i.e., home schooling, home-based education, home education, home school, home-schooling, unschooling, deschooling, a form of alternative education), publishes reports and the peer-reviewed scholarly journal Home School Researcher, and serves in consulting, academic achievement tests, and expert witness (in courts and legislatures). Since then, this alternative route of schooling has increased and diversified. Comments on “Are Homeschooled Adolescents Less Likely to Use Alcohol, Tobacco,... African American Homeschool Parents’ Motivations for Homeschooling and Their Black Children’s Academic Achievement, Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities Not Correlated with Homeschooling, Child Abuse of Public School, Private School, and Homeschool Students: Evidence, Philosophy, and Reason, Gen2 Survey: A Spiritual and Educational Survey on Christian Millennials, Homeschool SAT Scores for 2014 Higher Than National Average, Homeschooling and Child Abuse, Child Neglect, and Child Fatalities, Homeschooling Research, Studies, and Scholarship, Perceived Effectiveness of Home Education Event Marketing Tools, Special Education Teachers’ Perceptions and Beliefs Regarding Homeschooling Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Home School Researcher (journal) Manuscript Submission Guidelines for Authors, Home Centered Learning Annotated Bibliography, Peabody Journal of Education Special Issue on Homeschooling 2013, A Book Review of Homeschooling in America by Joseph Murphy, Academic Achievement and Demographic Traits of Homeschool Students: A Nationwide Study, Homeschooling Research Studies, References, Academic Scholarship, and Bibliographies, Bibliography of Research on Homeschooling – International, Help Needed from Anyone on New Study Underway, Home-Educated Doing Well at College: Research by Michael Cogan. Gaither (2008; 2009) described the extreme ends of this continuum, one being unschooling, a term used by John Holt and supported by progressivism, and the other end being school in a box, which was mainly supported by conservatives. Special needs: Although very mild, but the reason family #1 started the homeschooling with B1 was because they realized he had some sensory integration issues and would not complete his writing assignments at school in addition to having an almost illegible handwriting. Homeschooling is a way of knowledge that children can study at home from parents or sometimes turtos .Whether parents should send their kids to public school learning or home school learning is a very debatable topic . We observed one day at each participant’s house to understand the environment and interactions of parents and children in the study while taking field notes. It was apparent through observations too that the homeschoolers had the flexibility to choose the order of the subjects they wanted to work on, the amount of time they wanted to spend on a subject, the location they wanted to have their studies done, their sleep and wake-up time, the music being played (or not played) during their lessons, and their activities. One … She and her husband conducted informal research to find the most suitable homeschool program for their daughter. As there is little literature focusing on homeschooling in a remote border city with low SES in southern U.S. and on parents’ perceptions of their homeschooling decisions, the study would provide insights on homeschooling and its implementations in a border city in a southern state of the U.S. and augment current literature on these parents’ perceived advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling. According to the framework, homeschool students must set goals for themselves and make plans, monitor their progress and be aware of not falling behind the schedule, and evaluate how well they follow the plan and whether they achieve their goals. Homeschooling In today’s society, homeschooling is looked homeschooling essay argument down upon. Gaither, M. (2008). Text preview of this essay: This page of the essay has 928 words. For instance, one of the mothers offers ballet classes, another teaches science and the homeschooled students choose which class they would like to attend. Time management issue: Although flexibility is an advantage of homeschooling for the students, if there is a lack of time management, then it can become problematic. More and more kids are resorting to homeschooling every year. Homeschooling on the rise nationwide . Why did parents choose to homeschool? Use a professionally written sample of essay about homeschooling as a model for writing an excellent piece of your own. If a child needs more time on a lesson or a specific task, s/he can do so. The interview with B4 was informal as we were walking through the backyard and talking about homeschooling. Zimmerman, B. J., Bonner, S., & Kovach, R. (1996). They make our professional service an outstanding place to pay for essays and papers. Although flexibility is considered a benefit, having time management skills is a challenge they face in homeschooling. We took field notes and later on reflected on our observations and on the notes. Posted on May 14, 2013 by EssayShark. These benefits include the following:Excellent education. Homeschooling you have the choice of what you learn, or will learn, sometimes even your parent’s interests or morals as well. To investigate experienced parents’ perspectives on homeschooling, the criteria we set for our sample were: (1) families who were currently homeschooling at least one child, (2) the parent(s) were the coaches or teachers of the children (N.B., help from other parents or tutors were acceptable in this criteria as long as the parents were the main coach or teacher), (3) families who had done homeschooling for at least one school year, and (4) the homeschooling took place in a border city in a southern state in the U.S. We found three families that met the criteria in the Rio Grande Valley area in south Texas at the time of the study in spring 2014. Closer Family Relationships – Just about every family stressed the important role that homeschooling played in helping them find time to foster loving ties between all family members. Keywords: homeschooling, advantages and disadvantages, southern state USA, parent perception. In terms of perceived advantages of homeschooling, the participants revealed that they enjoyed the flexibility of homeschooling in addition to the strong bond, healthy eating habits, and the free time they have for other activities. How did parents choose a homeschool program for their children? Home schooling is becoming more and more popular in today’s society. Residents in the city have a low socioeconomic status with the per capita income for families of $13,556, compared to $25,563 in the rest of the state. Moreover, Wichers (2001) identified the multiculturalism as one of the reasons for homeschooling in addition to the positive aspect of individualized education that homeschoolers receive. The overriding goal of homeschooling is to educate children. To family #2, their religious beliefs are the most important part of education in their culture, and as well as in life. Given the importance of education for shaping the society of tomorrow, the pros and cons of homeschooling are rigorously evaluated. In homeschooling, the students are relaxed and they can balance academic study with real schedules, because they don’t need to face test pressure. Schunk, D. H., & Zimmerman, B. J. Retrieved from: Differences between homeschooling and public schools/public education are presented. B2 remained in his room all morning and his mother said that he prefers to be alone during his school time and would come and ask questions if he needs anything. These schools were formed in order to assimilate them into European culture (Glenn 1). Families choose to home school their children for a variety of reasons, including religious … In the United States, there are more than 1 million homeschoolers (Lines, 2000 74-85). It was once again I ran out of the school boundary, tears were dripping down my cheeks and I ran to my mother’s car and jumped in without looking sideways. Family #2 had a quiet house during the observation day. Now read, come on: There is a growing trend in some countries for parents to educate their children at home. Mother of family #2 said that in the first few months of homeschooling, B4 started to gain weight. During the evaluation phase, the expert learner evaluates if the plan works and the goal is achieved. Both fathers are very supportive of the process. Revisiting the Common Myths about Homeschooling. The middle child, B2, stayed in his room during the entire time of observation, and the youngest, B3, had his nook set up in the corner of the living room which was open to the kitchen area. Romanowski (2006) listed four myths about homeschooling; among them were the lack of socialization and the low rate of admission to college. The older two children had gone to school for one to three years before being homeschooled, but the youngest one had always been homeschooled. The organization and the reasoning was strong, but I had week citations’ information and had some grammar errors. The purpose of this study is to investigate experienced parents’ reasons for homeschooling and their perspectives on the benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling in a border city in a southern state in the U.S. One of the investigators decided to homeschool her middle school daughter for one year because of her dissatisfaction with the academic and unpleasant environment of the school her daughter attended. Access Full Document. To successful homeschoolers, reflection is an important part of SRL that occurs during all three stages of the cycle (Schunk & Zimmerman, 1998; Ertmer & Newby, 1996; Zimmerman, Bonner, & Kovach, 1996; Robinson, 1993; Weinstein & Van Mater Stone, 1993). That... Homeschooling parents are often asked and concerned by one common myth around this method: does homeschooling make their children less sociable? Get Your Custom Essay on Disadvantages Of Homeschooling Essay Just from $13,9/Page. The sun was settling at that time giving the sky an ugly orange and gray... All children will walk by age one and talk by age two. Family #1 asked us to be at their house by 8:30 AM. We used thematic analysis to analyze data. Developing morality:  The parents of family #1 noticed how much more gentle and respectful their children became compared to the ones in public schools. Please Sign Up to get full document. Family bonding:  Not only family bonding was one of the reasons for both families to start or continue homeschooling, but also they mention it as an advantage. (2012). Although there are discussions on both sides, I strongly disagree that homeschooling is better. Essay On Homeschooling. Through analysis of data collected from the interviews and observations, the advantages and disadvantages that both mothers and the homeschoolers mentioned were the following: Flexibility: Both mothers considered flexibility as one main advantage of homeschooling. By continuing we’ll assume you board with our cookie policy. Perception and Reality Parents of the United States gave various reasons for homeschooling their children. Parents choose to homeschool their children for various reasons, for instance, they do not approve of the school environment, are not satisfied with the level of … In addition, parents may not believe in their school systems such that the schools do not offer curricula or courses that help students develop fully (McReynolds, 2007) or that the schools’ emphasis is on excessive testing and memorization which deprived students from critical thinking and having free time for other activities or for family time (McReynolds, 2007). That was when she realized that there is a need for a study to reveal the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling from those who have experienced it for some time. Report: Homeschooling growing seven times faster than public school enrollment. In the first author’s case, she chose a certain Independent School District’s program  where her daughter takes classes for several courses, and she teaches her daughter Algebra I. Second, I am suppose to talk about the history of homeschool, the controversy, and the future. In an attempt to give their children the best education, Homeschooling may happen in different forms such as a set curriculum purchased online, virtual classes, and a mix of academic and music or drama classes (McReynolds, 2007). Essay: Homeschooling. A homeschooling essay focuses on the practice of educating children at home or in alternative institutions that aren't part of the public schooling system. Washington, DC: National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education. McReynolds (2007) stated that homeschoolers make the world their classroom. In the past, homeschooling was popular in many parts of the world, especially in the United States. (From Ertmer, P. A., & Newby, T. J. A general problem is that testing a homeschooled child for learning disabilities (LD) is not required in the state of Texas and therefore dependent on the homeschooling parent's recognition and desire to test. We arrived in the morning during breakfast time. The baltimore where procter & gamble, johnson & johnson j& the ethical need and the acceleration of the embroiderer used to work done on the path and I am portant part of this characteristic shift in attitude, the new. Or get a qualified help from our writers. In general, most of the children study in public or private school, which is the formal way we gain knowledge from. Published: Fri, March 14, 2008 12:00 AM Updated: Fri, March 14, 2008 10:41 AM. September 21, 2017 PTE EXAM PREPARATION PTE OPINION ESSAY Leave a comment. We conducted the study in a border city in South Texas. Homeschooling. Argumentative Essay in favor of Homeschooling Parents are getting dissatisfied with the quality of education in many traditional schools. Parents who choose to homeschool their children have their reasons and can explain their perceived advantages and disadvantages of this route of education based on their authentic experience. Parents and children stated that in addition to the customized education they receive, they have better bonds as a family. Neither family mentioned socialization as a disadvantage. Gaither, M. (2009). This is a bit ridiculous to state as it is a known fact that there are many variables that must be considered to determine when a child will walk or talk. She also actively participated in local community theatre auditions, rehearsals, and performances. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science/Revue Canadienne Des Sciences Du Comportement, 43(3), 195-202. doi:10.1037/a0022697. Other reasons that Gaither (2008) associated with the initiation of homeschooling in America were: the suburbanization, the American cult of a child which was the idea of liberating children from the rigorous plans and institutions, and the growth of schools that caused them to be more detached and less communicative with parents. B3, the youngest, was the one who needed his mother’s attention and guidance the most. It is important to understand the homeschooling phenomenon in the United States as study showed that the number of families who choose homeschooling is rapidly increasing, especially in remote areas (Berry, 2013; Murphy, 2012). Essay Writing Help. In this study, two current homeschooled families with over one year of homeschooling experience in a border city in a southern state in the United States were observed and interviewed. Standardized testing for homeschoolers is not mandatory in many states, however, the results of college entrance exams such as SAT, the rate of homeschoolers attending college, and the high recruitment rates of colleges and prestigious universities from the homeschool graduates prove the high achievement rates of this population compared to the public school graduates (Wichers, 2001; McReynolds, 2007). United States Census Bureau. Washington, DC: National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education. However, some other people assert that homeschooling has more benefits. The excessive attention given to scoring high in standardized tests, proliferation of drugs and the dangers of shooting incidents in many traditional schools are forcing parents to look for available options other than the traditional schooling.

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