Sodworks provides sod pickup, sod delivery, yard grading, and sod installation in greater central KY. per page. Our Seed is supplied from United Seed Inc. located in Des Moines, Iowa, and is Certified Kentucky Blue Grass seed. Bluegrass is our more delicate blend. Kentucky bluegrass, St. Augustine, fescue and rye grass sod are all basic varieties of sod and average $.30 per square foot. beautiful sod. Our best seller. If you have any questions about our add-ons or need help ordering exactly what you need, please contact us, we would be happy to help (859) 913-0957. Sodworks provides quality bluegrass sod, cut to order. Once you purchase, we will call you to schedule a date and time to proceed with the delivery and any options you selected (in most cases it is all done the same day, by a large team). Soil Preparation. Click here to add Compost Soil Amendment to your cart. Our sod is a blend of four different seed varieties: Midnight, Moonlight, Diva and SR2284, providing a well formulated sod for the Colorado area. Certain times are better than others for laying Kentucky bluegrass sod. If you want to lay sod on a slope, begin laying it at the bottom of the slope and work your way up the slope. Established in 1996, McKellip Sod Farm prides itself in raising premium sod, fair pricing and excellent customer service. The Sod Guy offers the finest Kentucky Bluegrass in the state of Colorado. Sod Types and Prices - Buy Online. Watering the soil lightly before installing the sod encourages root growth after the sod is in place. Its fine thin blades are soft to the touch, and its rhizomatous nature allows it to repair itself in the event of disease or drought. If weeds or grasses grow in the location where Kentucky bluegrass sod will be laid, then apply an herbicide containing glyphosate to remove those plants. Hillcrest Kentucky Bluegrass - sold by the square foot. Providing Edmonton and Area with TWCA Drought Certified, Drought Tolerant, Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Supply & Delivery with an Unbeatable Price and Comitment to Complete Customer Satisfaction. Main Yard - Plainfield. Kentucky Bluegrass: Is excellent for ball fields and other heavy use areas such as campgrounds, lawns, and picnic areas. Check rooting by gently lifting, or trying to lift, a corner of one sod section. $0.40 per square foot. Show. The deep blue-green color is unmatched by any other type of turf. Prices include delivery from central Kanata to central Orleans to Kemptville. Kentucky Bluegrass Sod NOW AVAILABLE Pickup can be arranged at: 1202 S 650 W Farmington, Utah 84025 CALL TO ORDER 385.404.8873 Our small sized farm is able to offer a great quality of grass! The blades of this blend are finer and softer. A half skid of sod contains 35 rolls and covers 350 square feet. Choosing a time when the soil is slightly moist but not soggy simplifies the task. Snow and Ice Management. Availability: In stock. The Best Time to Lay Kentucky Blue Sod. Black Beauty® Tall Fescue Sod. Our landscape crews will install the sod pallets you purchase from us. Residential - Commercial - Estates - Equine, Bobcat and Skid Steer Installation is typically the place we get the most amount of questions and really every job is different so we try to leave ourselves some wiggle room on the price. $0.45 - $0.75 per sq foot. Products in store vary by location and availability. Contact Us. Our Blue Grass Sod is being enjoyed for its 5th year in this Children’s Playground. We have our own gravel pit in Eltopia This price is for 50 rolls of sod, which covers approximately 450 … We have Fescue, Kentucky Bluegrass, Sod grass rolls. As a general rule, however, sod can be laid any time of year as long as the ground is not frozen and temperature is below 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a popular choice for lawns due to its lush, green appearance and ability to tolerate heavy foot traffic. Add $150 / Pallet. It is also able to perform well over a wide range of installation conditions. Our sod is a Kentucky bluegrass blend that is grown in the Columbia Basin. Her experience covers a variety of topics, including gardening, landscaping and lawn care equipment. The ideal times for laying Kentucky bluegrass sod are early spring and late fall. SAVE $25 off the price of each multiple skids that you order and get delivered at the same time. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. $0.42 per square foot. Wilde SOD PO Box 61 High Level AB T0H 1Z0. Our Compost already includes installation in the price. Shop the Sodfather Edmonton today! Fully rooted sod cannot be lifted. $0.40 per square foot. By the time all the sod is laid, 1 inch of water should have been applied across its entire surface. This fine blended Kentucky Blue Grass is adaptable to a low cutting height, has high wearability, a quick spring green up, extremely prairie hardy and disease resistant. Call for the most up to date price, 1-855-533-4777 or 1-877-826-0468. Ask a question (32) HD2000® Kentucky Bluegrass Sod is available for purchase in increments of 10. 1 Pallet of Sod. Begin laying the Kentucky bluegrass sod next to a straight edge, such as the side of a driveway. Even though most cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis) are grown from seed, laying sod establishes a lawn quickly. However, in the late spring and into summer, the shoots of this grass grow erect. Use the checkboxes above to add. Then grade the site to eliminate low areas, where water may pool. After graduating from The Ohio State University, Marissa Baker turned her attention to professional writing. UNDER 600 sq.ft./1 pallet (60 rolls and less) prices subject to change without notice tax not included in prices Because of the finer blades, our plush bluegrass cannot recover as quickly from heavy foot traffic or dogs. Sod Installation. After that vegetation is dead, the soil should be worked with a tiller or spade to a depth of 4 inches. About Kentucky Blue Grass » Bluegrass is the most luxurious and attractive of all the sod grasses and is well suited to the climate anywhere between Pagosa Springs, Colorado to Farmington, New Mexico. For more information about Kentucky bluegrass sod from Mr. Mulch, contact us today at 614-792-8686. $7 Pallet Deposit included in price ***It is customers responsibility to return pallets to get deposit back Seven Cities Sod Low Mow Blend of Kentucky Bluegrass consists of four different varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass seed. Sod: Type: Kentucky Bluegrass Blend: Regulated: No: Prices may vary from branch to branch and online. The Best Time to Lay Kentucky Blue Sod. Excavating, Grading, Hauling Bluegrass is our more delicate blend. Pick up Sod prices and delivery charges will almost never change, the distance is the only factor that seems to impact cost. USE COUPON CODE: “SODSUPERSAVER” AT CHECKOUT! Focused On Sod We Are Experts In Grass. HALF skid of sod is $299.50. Limited Availability. Applying water is particularly important on a warm days to avoid scorching the grass roots. pdate your cart with how many pallets you need: Compost Soil Amendment (Bulk 1 Scoop Installed), Signature Series Tall Fescue Blend (Per Pound), Natural Hardwood Mulch (Bulk 1 Scoop Installed), White Pea Gravel (Bulk 1 Scoop Installed), Brown Pea Gravel (Bulk 1 Scoop Installed), Playground Wood Chips ASTM (Bulk 1 Scoop Installed), SOD Care Instructions (Very Important) Please Print.