If your mower does not have a roller, then the lawn can be rolled after this first cut. Start with a gentle trim, taking off no more than an inch. But why wait until autumn? Always ensure your lawnmower is serviced before you use it for the new season. Create New Account. The grass has been standing for about 3wks and is about 4 inches tall. When giving the grass its first cut, set your mower blades to a height that's slightly higher -- 6.5 mm (1/4 inch) -- than the maximum mowing height for its species. If you have a really large lawn, consider a self-propelled model or a ride-on mower. Mowing is the most important lawn care job there is. Regular mowing at the right height for the time of year will have a massive impact on the overall health and appearance of your lawn. First Cut Landscape strives to provide service at an optimal value. I recently planted my 1st lawn (red creeping fescue) for a customer. Only mow a new lawn when both the grass and soil are dry. The lawn is often over-grown and out of hand. Don’t be worried if your lawn seems thin in spots on this first cutting. Our dedication to value means we always sell our garden machinery at the lowest possible price. See more of First Cut Lawn Service on Facebook. Laying a lawn from turf is a quick way to get an instant result. Leaf Blower Sale | The rule of thumb on mowing the new grass for the first time is 3 – 4 weeks. Or when should it be cut for the 1st time. For your first mowing, remove just enough (1/2- to 3/4-inch) to give your lawn an even appearance. For the first cut, set the mower on its highest setting and just nip off the top of the grass blades. So knowing the harm that cutting in wet weather can cause it is unlikely that you will get a change to cut your grass at all in Ireland. This will minimise stress on your lawn. Grass that is kept slightly longer is a lot more durable and copes better with drought, frost and the threat of disease. … This is all new to me I usually cut established … If you have used a ryegrass based turf such as Jubilee or Garden Lawn then it’s best to aim at a final mowing height of around 2-4cm. Will I cut it soon and if so should I mulch the first cut? If you do get around to cutting you need to be sure that your first cut only tops the grass and remember that every subsequent cut remove only 1/3 or less of the grass. While performing this first cut, be careful with how you turn to avoid ripping up any of your turf, and avoid any parts of the yard that are soft and could potentially rut. The first mow happens when the lawn reaches about 6cm in height, do not let it grow higher than this before the first mowing. It is essential to keep newly installed sod wet the first week. Depending on the grass type, it could take around 8 weeks to reach this height. Though it will seem like a long time, wait until your new grass blades are uniformly at least 8.7 cm (3 1/2 inches) tall. 27 talking about this. The lawn care specialists at First Cut Lawn Services use industry-leading tools and methods to make your yard stand out. When cutting your lawn for the first time, you should always follow the one third rule: never cut more than a third of the blade of grass in one go. Your lawn should still be watered every day so mow it immediately before irrigating it – that way it should be reasonably dry. Wait a few weeks before mowing your new turf. Not Now. Cutting Your Lawn. November More than likely the last regular cut of the year. Don’t cut it too short and do not remove more than 1/3 of the grass height in a single mowing. Most new sod is ready to be cut/mowed after six or seven days. First Cut Lawn Service. You can give the lawn its first cut when the grass is 7-8cm tall (3 inches). Leave flower-rich and long-grassed lawns uncut in spring, … Once it’s properly established you can return clippings to the lawn if you want to – but not yet. Mow again a few days later to cut to the recommended height. Our ride on mowers are all inspected and tested before delivery. All too often, lawn owners have a new lawn laid then fail to look after it and then blame the company who supplied or laid the turf when problems develop after a few weeks later. Remember to maintain the one … I have no push mower (should I buy one to cut this). In some parts of the country, particularly the south, your lawn may be ready for a “topping”. The first cut of the mowing season is often the most difficult cut. You can have one of the top rated lawnmowers in the world but if you mow too short or don’t mow often enough, your lawn will suffer.. Our nationwide back up service gives our customers the best service in Ireland. Mowing little and often can help to increase the number of grass blades … Overgrown edges will ruin the look of any lawn so it’s best to trim these back with edging sheers every time you mow the lawn. This is more important for seed than for turf because you have some really young, vulnerable plants that need to be nurtured if they’re going to grow into a lush lawn. Generally, once the grass reaches a height of at least 3 ½ inches, it is ready for mowing. Or when should it be cut for the 1st time. So, even though it’s tempting to roll around on your new lawn, please don’t – at least not until the roots are established. Winter Lawn Mowing A light high cut (topping) at any time to keep the lawn looking smart is in order. Mow little and often to keep thickening up the sward – but don’t exhaust the plants. Whether you've seeded bare spots or a whole lawn, hold off on mowing the area until the new grass has reached mowing height. Top up soil nutrient levels to encourage strong root growth Check your garden before you cut the lawn. First Cut Landscape's mission is to provide expert workmanship with unsurpassed client service. I hate the never ending growing lawns. Once the lawn and soil are thoroughly wet, water 3 to 5 times a day, so the sod never dries out. It seems like i could cut normally at like 5 inches then next week get to 4.5 then slowly get them to 3.5. Give us a … September is usually the best time. Subsequent mowings should also be light and … November More than likely the last regular cut of the year. It is good for situations where you can't keep off a lawn for the two or three weeks you need with seed. During the 2007–08 season the stadium was shared with Gloucester City.The stadium has a capacity of 5,140, of which 2,000 is seated. Make the first cut when the young grass is 5-8 cm (2-3 inches) high with the blades set so that only the top 2 cm (0.75 inch) is cut. If your new turf has been laid on a slope, it can take longer to root in, so stay off it a little longer – perhaps six weeks or so to be safe. You should aim to cut no more than 1/3 of the length of the blade on the first cut. If you can tug on the grass and not feel the turf lifting, then it’s OK to give your lawn its first cut. New Sod Care. Don't forget about new grass seeds. New grass that has been grown from the seed will be noticeably weaker than the rest of the lawn and can be easily damaged if cut incorrectly. The aim is to give the grass a trim, not a front back and sides shave! Cut your new lawn for the first time when it is about 3 inches high. Create New Account. Always remember that the leaves are what power the plant, they create food from sunlight. New turf must be firmly rooted before you can start mowing. Space heaters. The new seed will gradually thicken up and fill in over several months. Week 1 - Keep Sod Wet. For example, a first mowing should reduce the grass to just above the recommended height. There are several steps to take in order to go as easy on your lawnmower as possible. Always ensure your lawnmower is serviced before you use it for the new season. Choose a mild day when the grass is dry (not easy in autumn, you might need to compromise and mow when the grass is slightly damp). If you have a rotary mower use it on a dry lawn to suck up autumn leaves. Cutting the lawn when it's wet may damage both grass and roots, limiting growth and inhibiting germination. When you mow your new lawn for the first time, be sure to set your mower to one of its highest cutting settings. "Thank you for the efficient service and prompt delivery, the ride on arrived today and has already cut the lawn.". There is no reason to have a ‘scruffy’ looking lawn for one third of the year. A taller cut is optimal to help your lawn develop strong roots and establish itself more quickly. There is no reason to have a ‘scruffy’ looking lawn … The first cut of a new lawn cutting season. Early spring your grass is just starting to grow but not at its full strength, so you need to take care not to damage the grass. Reducing the height by around 20% is just perfect for this time. For the first mow, you can let the lawn grow to the high end of the recommended range or even a little higher before cutting to give it a little more time to become established, but be sure to still only cut off one-third of the blade. September 4 at 3:49 PM. After the first month, you can begin mowing, but it still a good idea to keep children, pets, and other regular foot traffic off the lawn until it is thoroughly established. Use the one third rule. *SALE* | The height of the new grass is a good determining factor when it is ready to mow for the first time or not. because the seedheads give the lawn an unkempt look. The lawn is often over-grown and out of hand. Mowing. If your mower does not have a roller, then the lawn can be rolled after this first cut. Seeded a new ryegrass lawn, it's been 10 days since the seed was sown. … When giving the grass its first cut, set your mower blades to a height that's slightly higher -- 6.5 mm (1/4 inch) -- than the maximum mowing height for its species. This will encourage the plants to grow more shoots from the base and will thicken your lawn up nicely. Chainsaws sale | We provide the widest choice of garden machinery available in Ireland.